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Achieve success with the Rosinger Group as your investment partner

We are a competent partner for sustainable corporate value increase and strategies. We put our excellent international network at your disposal.

Our investment approach

The investments in the Rosinger portfolio are long-term investments, particularly with a focus on the industrial and financial sectors. The Rosinger Group also holds real estate and investments in financial instruments.

As part of our own company investments, we not only provide capital, but also our many years of experience, our strategic and corporate value-oriented thinking, and our excellent international contact network.


Our goal is to sustainably increase the value of the target company as a temporary partner. The duration of the partnership depends on the shared objectives and the development of the company. The optimal timing and the best path to achieve value enhancement will be decided together with the company and documented in the participation agreement. In this process, our partners benefit from our extensive experience in company sales and IPOs. As is common with professionally acting institutional investors, we are open to all exit strategies.

Long-term strategic investments

In terms of long-term climate goals, the German hydrogen technology and energy systems company Rosinger Energieanlagen GmbH, which is 100% owned by Rosinger, is particularly forward-looking in the Rosinger portfolio. Another strategic investment in the Rosinger portfolio includes VAS AG, which has synergy potential with Rosinger Energieanlagen GmbH. Part of the current financial investments of the Rosinger Group and Gregor Rosinger can be seen in the share segmentation of the Rosinger Index ROSGIX, which is listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange.


Rosinger Energieanlagen GmbH was founded in 1999 by Dipl.-Ing. Gregor H. Rosinger, who already owned a successful group of companies at that time. The goal was to expand the range of sustainable and decentralized solutions for energy generation in the new millennium with their own innovative technologies, and to eventually usher in the hydrogen age.

We provide you with tailor-made solutions

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