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With our many years of experience to success

As market leader, we are proud of our numerous awards and honors. Discover more.

The Rosinger Group

The Rosinger Group is a long-established international financial group that is successfully active in the areas of “own investments” and “highly specialized consulting services”.


The two Rosinger Group companies "Rosinger RMS GmbH" and "Rosinger Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co KG" are active on the Vienna Stock Exchange as both capital market coaches and direct funding partners. The Rosinger Group usually acts as lead manager & Leading Licensed Advisor.

Awards and accolades

Dipl.-Ing. Gregor Rosinger and his financial group "Rosinger Group" have received numerous awards and distinctions over the last decades. On this website we will show you examples of some of the very high-profile awards, accolades and honors from recent years.


November 29, 2022

The Rosinger Group wins the "Special Mention Award" from the European Commission, the Federation of European Securities Exchanges and European Issuers.


You can watch a video of the award presentation by the Director DG Grow of the European Commission, Outi Slotbloom, to Gregor Rosinger above.


Gregor Rosinger is inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Austrian Capital Market.

so far...

...around a hundred other important national and international awards, including series victories at national and international awards.


At the Austrian Number One Awards, the Rosinger Group has been unbeaten in the “best medium-sized investor” category since the launch of the annual award series in 2014.

The Rosinger Group in the press

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The history of the Rosingers

Gregor Rosinger is a prominent Austrian entrepreneur and investor, known as the majority owner and CEO of the Rosinger Group, an international financial group specializing in the acquisition, management and development of companies and investments. He studied process engineering, economics and law at the Archduke Johann University of Graz and completed his studies in 1991 with a degree in engineering.


While still studying in the 1980s, Rosinger was active as an investor and industrialist and ran his own companies, which were already known as the Rosinger Group. Together with his wife Yvette, he developed the RMS concept for regional SME security in 1993, which has been used by the Rosinger Group ever since.

Gregor Rosinger comes from an important family of investors and stockbrokers. His family has been active in the financial sector since 1530. Like the Medicis and the Fuggers, Rosinger's ancestors also belonged to the European nobility. In 1790, one bloodline of Gregor Rosinger's ancestors was elevated to the status of imperial counts, while his other ancestors remained barons. The name Rosinger itself is a translation of "Clann de Ros", as "de Ros" was no longer allowed to be used as a name due to the Austrian Nobility Abolition Act of 1919.


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