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Our investments and personal investments

Our portfolio includes both direct and indirect investments in listed companies, private equity, corporate investments. Read more.

Get to know us

As part of our own company investments, we not only provide capital, but also our many years of experience, our strategic and corporate value-oriented thinking, and our excellent international network of contacts.

In our corporate video we tell you who we are and what is important to us.

Ready for your success?

We also bring your company to the stock market

Our clear goal: We maximize the value of your company as a temporary partner. The duration of our partnership is based on your goals and your company’s progress.

Together we will find the best time and the optimal way to increase value, which we will record in the investment agreement.

Benefit from our extensive expertise in company sales and IPOs.

We are open to various exit strategies


The Rosinger Group portfolio

The Rosinger portfolio includes both direct and indirect investments in

  • Investments in listed companies

  • Private equity investments

  • Corporate Bonds/Venture Loans

  • Mezzanine capital

  • Real estate and mobile or transferable assets

Here you can find out more about our strategic investments and the focus of our investments.

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