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Each company phase brings its own challenges, and requires different capital resources and individual solutions. Whether expansion financing, turnaround or project financing – the continued existence of a company or project strongly correlates with its finance structure: reason enough to put this in our hands. Due to our many years of experience in the capital market, we are able to structure the following tailored financing components for our clients, and arrange them following positive due diligence checks – individually as part of a pool of measures or as an overall concept, structured for the specific company concerned.


  • IPOs and listings, prefered at the Vienna stock exchange (standard market or Vienna MTF)

  • Capital Markets financing by means of: Bonds, convertible bonds, profit/participation certificates, equity positions, asset-backed securities, special-purpose vehicles, fund structures, basket structures, etc.

  • Private equity in the following phases: Later-stage, MBO, MBI, spin-off, Pre-IPO & Bridge, turn-around

  • Venture capital in the following phases: Second-stage, later-stage, spin-offs

  • Mezzanine capital for the following events: Expansion, turn-around, pre-IPO & Bridge, MBI, MBO

  • Lease financing by means of: Conventional real estate and equipment leasing, international lease financing, sale and leaseback, special-purpose vehicle structures, etc.

  • Conventional or syndicated bank financing for: Investment, resources, projects (including partly in foreign currencies)

  • International factoring financing: Factoring with or without del credere protection, in-house factoring, full-service factoring, forfaiting

  • M&A transactions


Our experienced team works together with our clients to find innovative and tailored financial solutions in order to safeguard financial independence in the long term and optimise conditions. This may on one hand mean the restructuring/optimisation of liabilities in the balance sheet, as well as the inclusion of various optimum financial structure components, which are individually aligned to each company and their planning.


The industry sectors that we support are:


  • “Old Economy” – this includes, for example, plant construction, the automotive supply industry, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, process and production technology, manufacturing companies

  • Renewable energy – e.g. wind, water, solar, biofuels etc.

  • Service companies – e.g. in the area of trade, transport etc.

  • Real estate


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