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Gregor Rosinger and his wife Yvette, the developers of the “Regional Mittelstand Safeguarding”, have dedicated themselves to the backbone of our economy: Strengthening the basis of the entrepreneurial Mittelstand – sustainably, innovatively and competently. As one of the most important engines of the domestic economy, the Mittelstand is however facing multifaceted challenges. There are often problems of vital importance when it comes to capitalisation. Many companies fail here in a way that is critical to the business – this may be for example the lack of a succession solution, an expansion efforts not being financed or simply the lack of the expertise required to implement the necessary reorganising and restructuring of the financial structure. This is where Rosinger will help:


“Regional Mittelstand Safeguarding” means providing an established and regionally significant small or medium-sized business with capital, know-how and a network of contacts through an investor, in order to safeguard the continued existence of that business through restructuring and/or internationalisation."

This process model that has been consistently further developed and optimised since its creation in 1993 was registered and protected across Europe as the “RMS Regionale Mittelstands Sicherung” brand exclusively for a company in the Rosinger Group in 2014.


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