Our Management Team


These persons are the "inner circle" of our Management Team:

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DI Gregor Rosinger 


General Director


"We approach our economic activity like a sport; and a competitive sport at that, proving our international standing and what we can achieve, striving continually for record results every time.”



Stephanie Wolfschütz 

Senior Director of Business Operations


“What counts is not the spoken word but the action taken. We provide our customers not with concepts but solutions – for this reason, we have built up a profile as a high-performance and reliable partner for the Mittelstand.”


Yvette Rosinger 


Senior Vice President of Principal Investments Real Estate


“Over many generations, the families of both lines of our ownership have provided sustainable management, ensured long-term yields and created stable value. Both my husband and I follow this strategy; he in our company investments and I in our real estate investments."

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