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Own Investments


In the course of our own company investments, we not only make capital available but also make available our many years of experience, our strategic and company-value-oriented approach, as well as our excellent international network of contacts.

Our stated goal is to sustainably increase the value of the target company as a temporary partner. The duration of the partnership is aligned with the shared goals and the development of the company, whereby the optimum point in time as well as the best way to realise the added value are decided together with the company, and defined in the investment contract – within this, our partners also benefit from our far-reaching experience in company sales and flotations. As is usual for professionally operational institutional investors, we are also available for all exit options.


Investment criteria

Due to our articles of association in company law, industry focus and the required synergy potential, we generally only enter into investments in companies in the following areas:


  • Engineering/technology (Old Economy)

  • Energy technology

  • Process technology

  • Manufacturing companies

  • Real estate (direct investments and investments in companies)

In principle, we are available both for majority and for minority shareholdings – with the corresponding rights to have a say. Investment in a consortium as a co-investor is also an option.
Within this, the following transaction forms are possible:


  • Share deal

  • Asset deal

  • Capital increase

  • Silent participation

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