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Red logo with three letterings: Direct Market Plus, below it Wiener Börse, below it Partner.

The Rosinger Group is one of the leading financial groups with a focus on small & mid-caps in Europe and has been managed since 1985 by General Director Dipl.-Ing. Gregor H. Rosinger, who himself comes from a finance and investor dynasty. The activities of the Rosinger Group focus on the business areas of "own investments", "corporate holdings" and "highly specialized consulting services", in particular on the topics of IPOs, listings, financial engineering, corporate finance and strategy. The Rosinger Group is active on the Vienna Stock Exchange as a professional investor, capital market coach, direct funding partner and index owner of the "Rosinger Index" (ROSGIX). On 29. November 2022, the Rosinger Group received the European Special Mention Award from the European Commission, the Federation of European Securities Exchanges and European Issuers for its outstanding market position and significant impact on small and mid-cap issuer access to the capital markets. Since 1985, the Rosinger Group, under the direction of Gregor Rosinger, has been involved in numerous listings and IPOs, an index launch (Rosinger Index ROSGIX) and more than 300 capital market projects worldwide.

By clicking on the logo as "Wiener Börse " (Vienna Stock Exchange) Partner, you will be redirected to the Website of the Vienna Stock Exchange to the profile of Rosinger Group companies which are accredited as a Capital Market Coach and as a Direct Funding Partner at the Vienna Stock Exchange.

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