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Awards & Honors...


Gregor Rosinger and his financial group "Rosinger Group" have received numerous awards and honors over the past decades. On this website we show you examples of some very high-quality awards, distinctions and honors in recent years.

November 29, 2022

The Rosinger Group wins the "Special Mention Award" from the European Commission, the Federation of European Securities Exchanges and European Issuers. A video of the award presentation by the Director DG Grow of the European Commission, Outi Slotbloom, to Gregor Rosinger can be found here on Youtube


Gregor Rosinger is inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Austrian capital market.

until now...

...around a hundred other important national and international awards, including victories  in a row at national and international awards.

At the Austrian Number One Awards, the Rosinger Group has been unbeaten in the category "best small and mid-cap investor" since the launch of the annual award series in 2014.

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